Funding Matters


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Funding Matters

Accessing public funding opportunities can provide organisations with a great source of support and income. With funders however keen to ensure that scarce public resources are effectively targeted, there has been an increase in the level of scrutiny, monitoring and management of funding programmes. The application process, the regulatory framework and the compliance requirements faced by organisations can often seem like a maze.

There is a real focus and drive by funders on ensuring:

  • Identification of a clear business case for funding
  • Enhanced due diligence procedures, focussing on both financial and management capability
  • Compliance with State aid and procurement regulations
  • Greater monitoring to ensure delivery of outputs and outcomes
  • Enhanced levels of reporting requirements including detailed financial data and audit trails

shutterstock_122668837Against this backdrop, organisations need to ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge, capability, capacity and systems to deliver. This will not only help organisations to win new funding but will also help with the overall development of the business and its long term sustainability.

Expert advice

At Almair, we can work with your organisation to provide expert advice on funding matters and help you navigate the maze. We can assist with:

  • State aid regulations – maximising the use of the rules and ensuring practical compliance
  • Procurement Rules – establishment of optimal procurement frameworks and maximising the opportunities for winning public contracts
  • Development of appropriate business cases and organisational processes to support applications for Government Grants
  • Business development support, focussing on governance, financial management and strategic development

Further details of the specific assistance we can provide for each activity can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link.