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With the increased focus on procurement reform, the general shift from grant to procurement and the need to buy smarter in tougher times, the need for more effective procurement has become a recurrent theme across the public sector.

Purchasing Organisations

shutterstock_81141259Purchasing organisations need to ensure that they have appropriate strategies, systems and processes in place to assist in the effective and efficient delivery of operations, services and policy objectives. Such processes need to strike the right balance between compliance and the overall requirement to deliver.

We can help by:

  • Providing advice on the application of procurement procedures and the EU procurement rules
  • Identifying your specific procurement needs and requirements, procurement categories and procurement routes
  • Developing an optimal procurement policy and procedure for your organisation
  • Establishment of lean and proportional procurement processes
  • Development of a procurement framework and toolkit to assist with practical and consistent application
  • Development of bespoke procurement training courses and case studies
  • Hands on support in the development of individual specifications and tender documentation

SMEs and Third Sector organisations’ role in delivering contracts

The shift towards procurement has also led to a significant increase in SMEs and third sector organisations delivering public sector contracts and a different way of working.

Almair’s procurement services are designed to assist SMEs and enterprising third sector organisations to successfully participate in tendering for public sector contracts.

Services we can provide include:

  • An introduction to the procurement process – advice on where to find opportunities, procurement rules and terminology, key stages in the process and legal frameworks
  • Assistance with capacity and capability development and the identification of appropriate tenders
  • Support for the planning and development of workable proposals or projects to meet individual tender requirements
  • Support for bid writing, working alongside your team to develop successful tender documentation and responses
  • Financial modelling, costing and pricing of services in line with the principles of full cost recovery
  • Advice and assistance on the development of consortia bids
  • Establishment of systems and procedures for delivery

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