Government Grants


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Government Grants

Public funding and Government Grants continue to play a vital role in supporting organisations of all sizes. The continued pressure on public budgets has however led to even greater competition for such funding and a greater requirement for applicants to produce robust funding applications and to ensure they have appropriate governance, systems and procedures in place to deliver.

With greater scrutiny of funding applications, a business plan based on the principles of the 5 case business model is often required to demonstrate the need for funding and the appropriate consideration of delivery options, funding and compliance with State aid and procurement rules. There is also greater emphasis on ensuring there is appropriate ongoing governance and management capability for publically funded projects, often with exacting requirements on financial management, cost allocation, reporting and audit trails.

Applying for public support, navigating the compliance maze and managing the ongoing financial aspects of the project can however be time consuming and confusing, particularly for smaller organisations with limited resources.

How we can help

shutterstock_75392512Almair consultants have significant experience of both directly operating and advising on EU structural funds and other Government, Local Authority and National funding schemes. We can assist on all aspects of funding applications and subsequent project delivery including:

  • Design and preparation of projects and public funding applications to meet eligibility requirements
  • Development of business plans based on the principles of the 5 case business model
  • Financial modelling
  • Specific advice on the State aid and procurement position of proposals
  • Development of the project systems and an organisation’s financial capability to meet the funder’s audit trail, control and reporting systems’ requirements
  • Ongoing project management and reporting support, including the preparation of reports and claims
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project activity

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