Business Development


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Business Development

Businesses cannot stand still but need to continually learn, improve, adapt and evolve to ensure their own sustainability and success. Whether an organisation is looking to grow and expand, to diversify its activities, to build its internal capacity, or adapt to meet changing internal and external factors, the establishment of appropriate good business practices is key to ensuring its continued development.

Adoption of sound business practices will help to ensure the success of an organisation, both in terms of its financial sustainability and its reputation with clients, stakeholders and funders.

Organisations are now routinely expected and required to demonstrate the following:

  • Clear strategic vision and direction
  • Strong governance arrangements with clear leadership
  • Transparent and open financial processes and systems
  • Robust controls and audit trails
  • Clear accountability
  • Minimum level of regulatory compliance
  • Effective engagement and consultation with stakeholders and clients

Expert advice

At Almair, we can work with your organisation to provide business support and expert advice on sound business practices to help you to grow in financial resilience and sustainability and to operate as effective and/or growing businesses.

We can assist both start-ups and existing organisations with:

  • Governance arrangements – establishment of appropriate legal structures and proportional governance systems
  • Financial Management – experienced financial expertise and specialist professional advice to help you take the stress out of managing your finances
  • Provision of management tools to assist you with strategic planning and sustainable business development
  • Advice on Funding matters including State aid, procurement and Government grants

Further details of the specific assistance we can provide for each activity can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link.