Strategic Support


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Strategic Support

To survive in the current economic climate, an organisation must be able to respond to the changes taking place in both the internal and external environment within which it operates. With significant change currently affecting public services and third sector organisations, Governing bodies and management teams need to think strategically to respond appropriately. Sometimes, the challenges presented will require organisations to make difficult decisions regarding its role, its function, its activities and services.

The process of strategic management involves clear planning and setting of future direction and objectives, the development of policies and plans, and implementation of change. It focusses on longer term planning rather than reacting to day to day issues.

How we can help

Almair’s strategic support services are designed to assist management teams within SMEs and third sector organisations in successfully developing their future strategies and plans, and to manage change appropriately, through the provision of flexible expertise and resources to meet your specific requirements.

Managers and directors are often busy managing the day to day operations of an organisation, with limited space or capacity to carry out strategic thinking and development of strategic plans. We can help by acting as your independent critical friend, to review your organisation and provide appropriate challenge to managers and directors.

Services we can provide include:

  • Carrying out an independent strategic review (using appropriate tools such as SWOT and PESTLE analysis, risk assessments, critical friend challenge) to inform the development of strategic plans and future activities
  • Option appraisal work in support of options for change and restructuring activities
  • Development of risk management tools to ensure the ongoing consideration and management of risks
  • Change management planning and support
  • Development of Quality systems (such as the those required to meet the PQASSO quality mark adopted by many third sector organisations) to ensure appropriate quality standards for future delivery

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