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Every organisation needs to ensure that its governance arrangements are fit for purpose to deliver its objectives and the needs of clients and stakeholders effectively. With the expenditure of public sector bodies open to greater scrutiny, increased competition for funding and an increasingly sophisticated regulatory framework, there is a greater expectation and requirement for organisations in receipt of public funds to have good governance procedures in place to safeguard public funds and to minimise the risk of irregularities and fraudulent activity.

Good governance arrangements ensure that an organisation has:

  • Clear vision and purpose
  • An appropriate legal structure and rules of operation
  • Strong strategic direction and leadership from its Board or governing body
  • Accountability for the organisation’s activities and performance
  • Transparency of financial arrangements
  • Adequate controls to ensure legal and regulatory compliance
  • Clear engagement and involvement with stakeholders and members

shutterstock_122855947While good governance should be an integral part of an organisation’s ongoing activities, the system does not need to be overly bureaucratic. Any governance system should be developed to strike an appropriate balance between accountability and simplicity, and between compliance and the need to deliver services. A governance system should also be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is still appropriate to meet the organisation’s ongoing and evolving requirements.

Development of clear Governance systems

Having a good governance structure will not only ensure that your organisation is fit for purpose but will also enhance your reputation with potential funders, clients and stakeholders, providing you with a competitive advantage.

At Almair we can work with you to identify and implement clear governance systems and to help your Board grow and develop.

Services we can provide include:

  • Independent review and assessment of your existing governance arrangements including legal form, governing document and governance structure
  • Making recommendations for change (improvements or simplification as appropriate)
  • Advice on appropriate legal form options and governance arrangements for new enterprises
  • Benchmarking governance arrangements against best practice and funder expectations
  • Development of appropriate governance systems and documentation
  • Board development and mentoring activity

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