Financial Management


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Financial Management

Good financial management is critical to the success of any organisation. Whether you operate on a distributable profit or a not for profit basis, making efficient and effective use of financial resources in support of your organisation’s aims and objectives is vital.

Financial management is far more than maintaining the organisations’ books and financial transactions. It is about ensuring that your organisation operates on a solid and sustainable financial basis through the appropriate planning, organising, directing and controlling of your financial activities.

  • Financial planning – development of budgets, cashflows and financial projections to support your activities and business plans
  • Financial organisation – establishment of bookkeeping and accounting processes to record routine financial transactions, comply with statutory requirements and maintain appropriate audit trails
  • Financial controls and systems – development of appropriate policies, procedures, processes and controls to safeguard your resources, guard against fraud and provide assurances to funders and stakeholders
  • Financial performance and reporting – appropriate reporting and analysis of financial performance. This is key to identify value for money, potential cost reductions and non-sustainable activities. Such reporting can be used to review your organisation’s overall performance to enable informed decision making on both current and future activity

Financial management for SMEs and third sector organisations

shutterstock_125693954With the increased scrutiny on grant recipients and the general shift to commissioning of services, there is now a greater need than ever for SMEs and third sector organisations to have effective financial management in place. Good financial management will help to enhance an organisation’s reputation with funders and stakeholders as well as ensuring that it has a firm financial position to support its continued operations and the development of new and different ways of working.

With limited resources and capacity, management time within smaller organisations is often precious. At Almair Cyf, we can work with you to provide experienced financial expertise and specialist professional input to help take the stress out of finance.

Services we can provide include:

  • Freelance finance director services, providing high level financial expertise, advice and support as and when required
  • Direct accountancy support for company and project finances
  • Financial stocktake reviews and analysis, evaluating an organisation’s financial performance; its financial capability and capacity; and its financial processes, systems and controls
  • Development of appropriate financial systems, processes and procedures
  • Specialist advice on individual financial matters including taxation implications, pricing mechanisms, value for money, funding and cashflow management

All support can be provided on either an ongoing part time basis or an individual project basis. Our aim is to provide flexible financial expertise as and when required to add value to your business. Our consultant offers excellent financial and management knowledge and real hands on experience of delivering results for SMEs, social enterprises, charities and other third sector organisations.

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