Health & Safety

Health& Safety


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Health & Safety

All our activities have a knock on effect to someone one else – we do not operate in isolation.

Protecting the Health and Safety of ourselves and others who may be affected by the way we run and/or operate our businesses and activities is both a legal and a moral duty.


The implications of an accident to an employee or a member of the public can be huge; civil cases resulting in insurance premiums going up; criminal action resulting in heavy fines (for which there is no insurance).

There is also the loss of name, and gaining a bad reputation. You could also lose an essential member of staff, which has a knock-on effect on your ability to carry on with your work.

If the worst does happen, and one of your employees (or a member of the public) suffers an injury, or becomes ill because of work activities, you need to be able to mitigate the resulting action, and offer a reasonable defence. This will reduce the likelihood and/or level of criminal and/or civil action being taken against you.

Clients are increasingly looking to contractors to provide proof of compliancy. A clean history as far as health and safety is concerned is also valuable when tendering, as it shows the client that you are serious about the standards you work to.

Health and Safety needn’t be complicated or difficult, and we aim to provide a tailored system, aimed at your activities and risks. No more, but more importantly, no less than you actually require.