& Safety

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SupportWe can offer a health and safety audit of your premises, your activities, and systems, then offer tailored solutions, which could be anything from “one off” advice on specific health and safety issues e.g. accident reporting, or we can provide a “competent person” service, where we give ongoing support and advice, should any problems arise.

Whilst this service is in effect:

  • Alan Gwynant will be named in your health and safety policy as your company’s “competent person”
  • regular revisions of your policy and activities will be conducted, to ensure you are up to date with everything
  • you will be informed of any changes or updates to legislation which could affect your activities.

This service can be on a quarterly, half yearly, or yearly contract. As part of the yearly contract, we will revise and re-issue your health & safety policy (as required by law).